Enforcing Canyon's new texting-while-driving ban

Enforcing Canyon's new texting-while-driving ban

NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - It's the first city in the Texas panhandle to ban texting while driving.

Now the question in Canyon is how will it be enforced?

The city says it has a plan.

City Manager Randy Criswell says, "You have to look pretty far to find someone who will argue they can safely text and drive. Hopefully it's something that is just going to make our streets safer."

While behind the wheel, you can no longer legally send messages, write emails, use apps, enter directions, or do any other sort of typing on your mobile device.

But you can talk on the phone.

Criswell adds, "We're not saying you can't utilize your phone when you're in the car. We're saying you can't utilize that phone when you are in you're moving car."

That doesn't include school zones, where cell phones are now completely banned.

If you're caught breaking the new law, you could be slapped with a $200 fine.

But the Canyon Police Department doesn't expect to write too many tickets.

Police Chief Dale Davis says, "I anticipate the compliance will definitely outweigh the violations."

That's because they say it's similar to any other law, like stopping at a stop sign or putting on your seatbelt, that most people choose to obey.

However, that won't keep police from keeping a close watch on drivers.

Davis explains, "We will set up surveillance along the main thoroughfares and use unmarked vehicles."

But not before they make sure everyone knows about the new law with signs that will be posted along Canyon's roadways.

The ban goes into effect August 1st.