Governor Perry in Pampa

Governor Perry in Pampa

Governor Perry visited Pampa Tuesday with Jim Landtroop of Lubbock to discuss the Texas Budget Compact.

Perry says, "The best thing that we have never done in this state is to not pass a state income tax". Landtroop says, "I believe that people in West Texas work hard for their money. I think they can spend it better than the government can. So, we're trying to keep as much of it in their hands as possible. "

And with this system, more than 300,000 jobs were added in Texas from last year to this year. Perry says, "Texas is now going through this extraordinary boom of shale formation in the recovery of that gas and oil. So why would we raise taxes ... It only has a negative impact on people's economic thought process".

He says he wants to endorse Landtroop to help the voice and necessities of rural Texas so they are taken into account in government decisions. Landtroop says, "Making sure that we do things that create opportunities for people in rural Texas such as eliminating regulation, the government regulation on small business. Small businesses are the backbone of rural Texas so making sure that we keep an environment that will allow them to prosper and grow is extremely important".

Perry talked about eliminating any duplicate government programs, preserving funds for natural disasters as well as making the small business tax exemption permanent. He also brought up limiting spending to the growth of population and inflation; And practicing truth in budgeting meaning whatever money is set aside for a purpose, should actually be used for it.

To make education more affordable, Perry is pushing for Texan universities to offer degree programs that only cost $10,000 dollars.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.