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Update: Zarges closes in Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - A spokesman for the Zarges wind plant says uncertainty and politics played big roles in the company shutting down.

The spokesman says it was not problems with funding, but an uncertain political climate that caused Zarges to reach its decision. Although wind energy seemed to be thriving a few years ago, he says a lack of tax credits and more competition with natural gas have slowed down wind energy. Now Zarges is not only pulling out of Amarillo, it is pulling out of the United States completely.

"It's been the perfect storm of politics, the economic recession, legislation," Zarges spokesman, Timothy Dannels, said. "So the wind energy margins have shrunk, investment in the industry shrunk, production tax credits that have driven the industry are not being renewed and there's no congressional action to renew those."

Zarges is now officially closed in Amarillo. The warehouse is being cleared for new owners and, because it is a newer industrial building, the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation says it thinks it will not be long before another company moves in.


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