Canyon water future concerning

Canyon water future concerning

NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Canyon city officials are saying the time has come to find new water sources.

That's because the amount of water being used, is coming too close to the maximum amount of water the wells can produce, a figure that just doesn't add up.

Canyon's water wells are being put to the test, and almost pushed over the limit, after being pumped practically around the clock.

Director of Public Works Dan Reese says, "We were very fortunate we did not have any major failures that would create problems to where we could not deliver enough water. But we are right on the cusp of not having enough water."

The record breaking drought and record breaking water demand are to blame.

The city uses an average of 750 million gallons of water each year, but last year, that number rounded to a billion, which could mean trouble.

Reese explains, "Our well fields are low, depleted is the better word. We have some new wells going in north of town. They are very promising, but our old standard we've had out at Umbarger that we have had all these years, is really declining quickly."

How long it will last? No one really knows, which is why now is the time to do something about it.

Reese says, "The biggest concern would be a repeat of last year, or something worse. We did have a little leeway last year, however it was not a comfortable amount. That's what I'm looking to do in moving forward, is to be more comfortable by having more of a reserved capacity than what we have now."

He's leaving that challenge to city commissioners, to find a long-term solution, and fast.

In the mean time, Reese says the answer is to conserve as much water as you possibly can.