Truck driving industry needs thousands of drivers

Truck driving industry needs thousands of drivers

Amarillo, TX - The truck driving industry needs to fill thousands of jobs in our area.

This career, once dominated by men, is now attracting women.

Amarillo College's Truck Driving Academy is training hundreds of people and are struggling to keep up with the high demand.

This industry is attractive to many because it provides good pay without requirements of an education.

On average, you can make between $30,000 to $40,000 just starting out and more experienced drivers make around $60,000.

The director of Amarillo College's Truck Driving Academy says nationwide the trucking industry is short about 200,000 workers.

By 2015 that number is expected to triple, which is why they are trying to help.

"Most of them have a job before they leave here. Most of them are what we call pre-approved; they've already talked to their employers, they've already made applications and we have recruiters coming every week to talk to them from all over the country," says Robert L. Mathews, operations director, Amarillo College Truck Driving Academy.

Right now classes at the academy are at full capacity and there's a waiting list for the next two sessions.

They are in need of more instructors so more people can get trained and start working.

If you're a current or retired truck driver and are interested in becoming an instructor, call Amarillo College at 806-335-4370.