$3 million animal shelter on the ballot for vote: Residents encouraged to head to polls

$3 million animal shelter on the ballot for vote: Residents encouraged to head to polls

PAMPA, Texas- The city of Pampa is looking to invest nearly $3 million to build a new animal shelter.

Some residents are concerned their taxes may increase, but the city wants to assure residents that will not be the case.

The proposed plan to construct a new animal shelter is a hot topic in town.

"If you're down here in our shelter, you can see that this is not humane," Assistant City Manager Shane Stokes said. "We just don't have the facilities to take care of the animals that come in here on a daily basis."

It's a problem Faustina Curry with the Pampa Animal Welfare Society knows first hand.

"We have over 50 dogs here who are housed in 14 runs," she said. "We have two outdoor runs and you can see all the puppies we have here are just jammed everywhere."

The shelter is decades old and in desperate need of drainage and air conditioning repairs.

Volunteers are encouraging residents to head to the polls and vote for a new shelter.

However, convincing the citizens of Pampa that $3 million in renovations is needed is now at the center of debate.

"This will be taxpayer money but it won't increase our taxes," Stokes said. "The city has current bonds maturing and we timed this to where we can build this new facility without having to increase the tax rate."

Volunteers say a new shelter would be the key to solving poor sanitation conditions and eliminating deadly viruses like the Adenovirus which plagued the shelter earlier this year.

Election day is May 12.

Volunteers say if you haven't had the chance to visit the current shelter yet, you are asked to tour it before casting your vote.