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Local private school enrollment goes up

Amarillo, TX - A local private school is expanding its facilities because its enrollment has more than doubled over the past few years.

Fewer worries about budget cuts and more one-on-one attention are a couple of reasons why parents tell NewsChannel 10 they are taking their kids to private school. Some parents say with smaller classrooms, they feel like their kids can get more attention and learn at a faster pace than they would in a larger classroom. They say it is a benefit to both the teachers and students.

It burdens the teacher exponentially," Ascension Academy parent, Marc Von Eschen, said. "The teacher is going to have much more problems with behaviors and differentiation between the levels of the students' abilities, so they're going to have to be teaching a wider range and it becomes much more of an issue than just adding two students, it becomes much more complicated than that."

Today, Ascension Academy, near 45th and Soncy, started an expansion project to better accommodate its growing number of students. It plans to add a track field, more science and computer labs and more classrooms. It hopes to wrap up the project by January.

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