Amarillo thrift store aims to help those in need

Amarillo thrift store aims to help those in need

Amarillo, TX - Making sure no one goes without is the mission behind one local thrift store and now there's a way you can help.

The owner of "A Thrift Store" says she has a calling to help anyone in need, whether it is a homeless person, someone who just got out of jail or a struggling mother.

"A Thrift Store" helps them by going through non-profit organizations that work with those in need, as well as anyone who walks in to the store off the street.

"They come in with a voucher and anything they need, they get free, they pay nothing for it. They come in, they need shoes, they need clothing, I'm wanting to expand to get furniture as you can see we are kind of a little full here," said Brenda Richardson Brown, the owner.

To help be able to give out bigger items like furniture, Brown is hoping they can someday get a warehouse.

They're also working on becoming a non-profit organization so they are able to help more people.

If you are interested in helping, you can donate to the store at 1406 SouthWest 10th Avenue in Amarillo.