Cinco de Mayo boosting local economy

Cinco de Mayo is a big celebration throughout the US and the Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is holding a fajita festival tomorrow.

It's their biggest fundraiser, and the money collected goes toward scholarships for area students.

The Director, Dora Chavarría, says "Food brings people together, and as you know Hispanics, we love to incorporate food and adult beverages in our events. So we want to make sure that we highlight that we partner up with companies that our local to us that make sure that bring that flavor. And it's just really celebration. It is a holiday. It is an important day in Mexico, but we Mexicans here, want to make sure that that always stays afloat."

It's a day where Mexicans celebrate their victory from a battle called La Batalla de Puebla. Andy Trinh is the owner of an area liquor store called Liquor City. Trinh says, "For Cinco de Mayo, Mexican restaurants will order a little bit more alcohol because alot of people come out and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Drink more margaritas, take more tequila shots, drink more beer."

He says for this liquor store, just from Hispanic restaurants alone, the average order increases about 40%. And for Mexican restaurants like La Fiesta, sales increase even more.

General Manager Jeff Bara says, "It's Black Friday for the Mexican restaurant industry. We get people we haven't seen in a long time, and people who normally want to come eat with us. So we get them in here, and try to keep them coming back as customers."

The Cinco de Mayo Fajita Festival will be Thursday, May 3rd from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. in downtown Amarillo on Polk and 10th St. There will be live music as well as a fajita contest.

You may buy tickets for $25 on Wednesday until 11 p.m. Or Thursday for $30. For more information: (806) 626-9226.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.