Dumas ISD hopes new driving simulator will save lives

Dumas ISD hopes new driving simulator will save lives

Dumas, TX - Dumas ISD received grant money and invested it on a machine they hope will save students' lives.

It's a new drinking and driving simulator.

The Dumas Police Department says they've seen both increases and decreases in impaired driving related accidents, as it fluctuates every year.

Now they want to push education and awareness so the decrease continues.

For the rest of the school year, a few students at a time will be pulled from their classes to try the simulator, which has over two-hundred scenarios.

They will not only experience drinking and driving but face harsh weather conditions.

They want to drive home the effects that alcohol can have on a person while driving, especially since prom and graduation are around the corner.

Those who tried the simulator today ended up crashing.

They tell us they would never want to experience that in real life.

"Normally you're able to have more control of the car. Then being intoxicated, it's a lot harder to keep the car straight on the road and the brakes are a lot slower. It makes me realize that it's not an easy thing to drive drunk and it should not be done ever," says Kevin Heaton, Dumas High School.

The driving simulator will remain at the high school and will be lent out to all emergency service agencies in Dumas when needed.

For the remainder of this school year, the district will focus on teaching students about impaired driving.

Next year, the district will focus on teaching them the effects of texting and driving.