Elderly abuse, neglect and exploitation affecting Texans

Elderly abuse, neglect and exploitation affecting Texans

Amarillo, TX- It's a problem not often talked about but elderly abuse affects thousands of Texans.

Nearly 25-thousand elderly people were victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation in 2011, according to Adult Protective Services in Texas.

One of the biggest problems they are now tracking is the elderly not taking care of themselves.

They say of the 58-thousand disabled and elderly abuse victims in 2011, 91 percent of them were victims of self-neglect.

"A lot of times when we start, we go out in the home and the house is so dirty, because they just, and they are dirty they don't bathe, and they don't eat properly, they aren't cooking for themselves, they don't wash their clothes and they don't clean," said Kathy Porter, a Care Manager with Caring Senior Service in Amarillo.

Texas state law does require anyone who suspects any sort of abuse to report it.

If you suspect this may be happening, call the Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400, or visit www.TxAbuseHotline.org