Make every drop count this summer

Make every drop count this summer

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - 2011 was a record breaking year in Amarillo.

It was one of the driest years, as well as, one of the highest water consumption years on the books.

They are the kind of records you really don't want to break, which is why the city is working to encourage water conservation even more.

Director of Utilities Emmett Autrey says, "We always like to have a good year to wipe out the effects of the bad year. Last year was particularly hard on our pumps and motors because they had to run so much."

The drought outlook isn't as bad this year and the city is sitting better when it comes to more water available, thanks to the Potter County Well Field now pumping away.

But the city says it is still vital we save as much water as possible, in order to make our water resources last as long as possible.

Mayor Paul Harpole says, "The city has purchased a lot of water, but we have to conserve our water. It's a limited resource that we must conserve.

The big push this year, is for water conservation outdoors. That's because more than half of a typical residence's water usage is in the yard.

Autrey says, "I would encourage people to spend a little money on getting drought tolerant plants to take the place of their grass. You can still have grass, but here and there have a drought tolerant planting area and just turn the sprinklers off, and let the rain take care of that."

The city is also providing water conservation tools to its' residents.

Autrey explains, "Lawn gauges, aerators, leak detector tablets... things that can be used in the home and outside, to measure how much water they are putting out and to find the leaks and fix them."

For more information on what you can do to conserve, visit and click on the "Every Drop Counts" link.