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Rick Husband Airport renovations update

Amarillo, TX -  TSA is recognizing Rick Husband International Airport as being the "best of the best" in West Texas and is recognizing it with the "Airport of the Year" award.

The airport has gone through a major transformation over the past couple of years and now we are starting to see the fruits of its labor. During the project, it expanded some of its public areas to better accommodate passengers, installed new boarding bridges and upgraded security technology.

"The bag handling systems... all the screening is not in public view," Airport director, Patrick Rhodes, said. "The technology in the screening machines is significantly better than it was in the machines that we used before and mostly just an overall awareness of what goes on in the building."

Finishing touches were put on the terminal a few months ago and about one month is left on the ticket level bridge project, which involves some of the area between the terminal and parking garage. The airport is also looking into a major drainage project to avoid the kind of flooding it experience a couple of years ago.

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