Effort to help prevent child identity theft

Effort to help prevent child identity theft

Amarillo, TX - As more children become a prime victim of identity theft, there is now a statewide effort to tackle the problem.

Nearly one in ten children in Texas fall victim to identity theft, the Amarillo Police Department says local cases have boomed.

That's why the University of Texas at Austin launched a new child identity protection task force led by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs.

They will research solutions to identify and help resolve current and future risks to children's identities.

Their first goal is to focus on prevention by educating parents and children.

It's recommended parents check their child's identity early.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to get anything cleared.

"Once you report it, you will have a copy of that police report. You will have on record that you reported the crime and if something comes up in the future that you are mistaken for having incurred you will have that evidence saying you were a victim of identity theft," says Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau.

To help protect children, parents are encouraged to teach them about online privacy and the importance of not disclosing personal information.

Often times, online imposters bully or lure children into sharing their social security number.