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New expenses coming with new refrigerant regulations

Amarillo, TX - If your home's air conditioning unit is due for an upgrade, it could cost you more than you bargained for.

The EPA is flexing its muscles and pushing for more eco-friendly refrigerant regulations. It is trading the old refrigerant, R22, for a new one, R 140-A, which it claims is more eco-friendly. Some customers will have to buy new air conditioner parts so they are compatible with the new R-410A refrigerant. So while it may be better for the environment,  it could be worse for your wallet. With such high demand, R-22 refrigerant prices continue to skyrocket.

"Excluding repairs, it could cost anywhere from $125 to $500 depending on how many pounds of refrigerant they needed," Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning owner, Gary Ward, said.

R-410A is said to be 300 to 400 percent higher in cost. Part of the reason for the price hike is because the EPA is asking manufacturers to cut back on R22 until it is permanently phased out in 2020.

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