Friends remember "Amarillo Slim"

Friends remember "Amarillo Slim"

Amarillo, TX - People all over the world continue to mourn the loss of poker legend "Amarillo Slim."

Some of his friends at the retirement home he lived in before being placed in hospice are speaking out.

Although "Amarillo Slim" was fighting cancer and already 83 years old, nothing stood in the way of his love for poker.

He looked at his life as a bet.

One of Slim's favorite things to do was travel to Oklahoma City on the weekends.

He would ask people to take him and if they couldn't, he would jump in the car and drive on his own.

That's where he could gamble at the casinos and make what he thought was "big money."

He was also very fond of sports, not necessarily to watch the game but to make sure his teams were winning.

"Every Friday and Saturday he would come in and we would talk about the football lines. He would give me a point spread on who's going to win and we'd make pools and stuff like that. Almost nine times out of ten they came through," says Kimberly Boydstun, community sales manager at The Clairmont.

When he was wrong, he didn't want anyone to tell him.

"Amarillo Slim" told other residents that before he passed away he wanted to travel to Germany and legalize poker.

His plans were to open up a big poker room.

A graveside service will be Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at Llano Cemetery.