Stressors are a contributing factor of domestic violence

Stressors are a contributing factor of domestic violence

Amarillo, TX- As the economy struggles to improve, some families in our area are struggling with the impact of domestic violence.

Several law enforcement agencies are reporting an increase in domestic problems and they say it's because of the poor economy.

Nearly half of the victims who called the National Domestic Violence Hotline reported financial problems.

Family Support Services in Amarillo says there are many stressors contributing to domestic violence, for the more than 350 victims being helped by them right now.

"They can make a problem, an existing problem worse. They don't necessarily cause domestic violence but certain things like illness, financial problems, maybe pregnancy within that relationship, people who are just under general stress," said Angie Stovall, the Crisis Service Coordinator with Family Support Services.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and in need of assistance, you can call Family Support Services' hotline at 374-5433, or stop by their main office on Polk Street in downtown Amarillo.