Thousands of residents march for babies

Thousands of residents march for babies

Amarillo, TX - Today thousands of people took small steps to raise big money at the annual March for Babies.

They marched through Amarillo's Thompson Park, which marks the 26th year the March of Dimes has sponsored the event.

This year they had more teams registered and expect to raise around $360,000 to help premature babies across the panhandle.

One out of every eight babies is born too early.

"It means a lot for the communities that are out here, the families that are out here helping, the businesses that are out here helping. Amarillo is tremendous about getting out and supporting events like this, for a worthy cause," says Steve Nicholson, Co-Chair, March of Dimes.

The money raised will go toward funding programs for the prevention of birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

The community has helped lower the premature birth rate by three percent.