Community support for No Limits, No Excuses initiative

Community support for No Limits, No Excuses initiative

Amarillo, TX - Faith-based organizations and businesses are also on board with the No Limits, No Excuses initiative we have told you about all week.

They are pushing to provide essential every day items to area families in poverty.

"You actually have a navigator that's working with you and you can come as often as that navigator sends you over here to receive assistance to help your family in their time of need," says Pastor Tommy Fulgham, Generation Next.

Through the initiative, Generation Next has already been able to serve more families in our community than they have in the past.

"we receive anywhere from five to fifteen families a week through navigators or coaches that send them through," says Pastor Tommy Fulgham, Generation Next.

"We provide food, we do food drives and have contest to provide food to families in need. We also have a clothes closet for any families that are in need of clothes," says Melissa Hill, member of Generation Next.

They try to make the process fun for everyone involved.

"Right now we have a contest going on in the church where each side of the church is going against each other to see who can get the most food in. It's pretty fun getting everyone wired up to bring more food," says Patricia Garcia, member of Generation Next.

They're also holding training sessions of their own for volunteers interested in helping.

"They really do a good job, it's an excellent training and a good source of information. It helps you understand how to pinpoint the issues and then navigate them through it to success," says Pastor Tommy Fulgham, Generation Next.

Faith-based organizations and businesses who have never worked together in the past are now doing so, all for the same cause.

"There are a couple of clothing re-sale boutiques in Amarillo that donate items they are unable to move on their shelves. So it's very good high quality things. We've partnered with Walmart on multiple occasions.

Other businesses in our area have offered to help with the collection of food.

Market Street United and Chick-Fil-A on both Coulter and Georgia have all placed drop-off buckets inside for the collection of canned goods.

"With the No Excuses and Panhandle 20/20 which are great programs, great people, we're just linking arms with them to make a difference. You know, we can do more together than we can apart. We want to work with anybody that we can, other churches, other outreaches, other ministries," says Pastor Tommy Fulgham, Generation Next.

To donate to Generation Next call 806-372-7841.

To learn how you can become a navigator and guide someone to success call Elia Moreno at 806-323-2530.