Opportunity Conference helps area families living in poverty

Opportunity Conference helps area families living in poverty

Amarillo, TX - In Amarillo, one-in-three are living in poverty.

That's why the entire community came together in an effort to break that cycle.

Panhandle 20/20 sponsored the second opportunity conference for Amarillo led by Dr. Donna Beegle, who is known as an international poverty expert.

Many struggling families have a hard time paying their rent and don't have enough money for food.

In order to help, local residents living in poverty were given assistance from people who have the knowledge and resources to help them.

"the real goals for the opportunity conference are that we rebuild the hope. we remove the shame that sometimes paralyzes people, that they get so many messages in poverty that 'it's your fault, something's wrong with you,' so we talk about real poverty causes, and make them see that you can make a lot of choices, but if you ain't got money, you ain't getting there," says Dr. Donna Beegle, keynote speaker, Opportunity Conference.

Those struggling are also given a navigator, a person from the community who offers their time and guidance to help them.

Hundreds of people came out to the Central Church of Christ today.

Those we spoke with say it was a success.

"we get to learn how to get ourselves back into normal life, getting back on our feet, getting an education, and learning that education means a lot," says Jeannie Mendoza, receiving help.

This program is already changing lives.

If you would like to sign up to become a navigator, visit the Panhandle 20/20 website: