Daughter killed in distracted driver accident: Mother speaks out

Daughter killed in distracted driver accident: Mother speaks out

AMARILLO-The ongoing debate continues over whether texting and driving should be banned.

Now, one area woman who lost her daughter in a car accident said to have been caused by a distracted driver is speaking out, asking lawmakers and city commissioners to do something about the ongoing problem.

The night of October 18, 2009 is a night Stephannie Tyler will never forget.

"My daughter, Ali, was 15-years-old and hopped in a truck with some girls," Tyler explained. "There were three in the front and two in the back."

The driver looked down to answer a text message, over corrected on a turn and rolled the vehicle.

"Two of the girls flew out the window and Ali was halfway on her way out when the car flipped, killing her instantly," she said.

Ali was an active member of her high school basketball team with her entire life ahead of her. Unfortunately, her future was taken away in a matter of seconds.

"People are losing family members because of distracted drivers," Tyler said.

In Amarillo, city commissioners appointed a traffic committee to look into a possible city-wide texting ban, but no action has been taken thus far.

Meanwhile in the neighboring city of Canyon, commissioners have put the item on the agenda, but decided to send it back for revisions this month and will not be heard again until May 7.

Right now, it's up to each individual city to implement this type of ban.

Despite all Tyler's been through, she is still holding on to faith, hoping one day a statewide ban on texting will cut down on the dangerous behavior.