Hundreds of jobs in renewable energy industry

Hundreds of jobs in renewable energy industry

If you're looking for a job, renewable energy companies are hiring by the dozen in the panhandle.

There's a major effort statewide to construct transmission lines from windier regions like ours to metropolitan areas like Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio to export renewable power. And this is bringing jobs to hundreds in the panhandle.

The energy is coming from wind farms, which are currently being constructed in Carson and Oldham counties. These are expected to be built by the end of the year bringing more jobs as well.

Class 4 Winds & Renewables Executive Director AJ Swope says, "It's an interesting time industry wide as the nation really seems to be getting out of an economic slump. A lot of companies are able to invest in clean energy technologies, and they realized we got the best winds in the world really, here in the Texas Panhandle. And have decided to take advantage of those, and construct some wind farms."

Wind farms and transmission lines are bringing energy to consumers in bigger cities for lower costs. And at the same time, it's boosting the economy of the panhandle.

Swope says, "They're building transmission lines from those areas to the windier parts of the state with the idea of more developers coming in building new wind farms. Getting those wind farms to connect to the transmission lines. Shoot the energy that way, and that way you got economic development here, you get cheap energy there. And problem solved."

Experts say in these next few years our panhandle will have five times more wind energy than we do now. If you'd like to apply for a job, you may contact the phone numbers below.

Eastern Panhandle, Cross Texas Transmission: (806) 350-5700

Western Panhandle, Sharyland Utilities: (806) 358-9070


Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.