Cal Farley's supports No Limits, No Excuses initiative

Cal Farley's supports No Limits, No Excuses initiative

Amarillo, TX - Cal Farley's is yet another partner in the No Limits, No Excuses initiative.

They are playing a role in helping decrease poverty in our area.

Cal Farley's has stepped up to provide community interventions for families who are at-risk.

Navigator training and poverty training sessions are also being offered right now in our community.

Cal Farley's is showing their support in hopes of making a difference.

"It allows educational institutions like Amarillo ISD, Amarillo College and West Texas A&M to do what they do best and that's educate. Cal Farley's social service agency do what we do best and that's provide professional social work. Also volunteer structure to the neighborhood navigators. It allows employers to be engaged and help facilitate future employees and it allows churches to provide volunteers," says Dan Adams, CEO of Cal Farley's.

Navigators are being taught to connect families with community resources.

"Reaching out to the agencies that are working on that and helping them with a fundraiser or helping them connect to churches that can donate shoes. Mission Amarillo just started a hygiene closet that will take care of toilet paper, deodorant and things like that. We work with the local food pantries and Generation Next and South Lawn Assembly of God to meet their food need and clothes need," says Elia Moreno, community engagement, Cal Farley's.

Since transportation is the main barrier, a food pantry and a clothing closet has been established in each no limits neighborhood, that way families' basic needs are within walking distance.

Navigators are asked to do away with misconceptions and learn the truth about poverty.

"We talk about the two basic things that a mentor needs to know about communicating and helping the family achieve their dream; the first one is to remove shame and the second would be to rebuild hope," says Elia Moreno, community engagement, Cal Farley's.

At-risk families are referred to Cal Farley's by the No Limits coaches.

"Through direct interventions with social workers, we can actually work with a family right here in Amarillo and prevent the child from even having to be placed outside of the home," says Dan Adams, CEO of Cal Farley's.

To find out about attending a training session and helping area families living in poverty please call Elia Moreno at 806-322-2530.

To help fund families in need go to the Amarillo Area Foundation website