New teaching system for area students

The way the Amarillo Independent School District teaches is evolving.

Keeping in mind that STAAR testing will count in area student's grades next year, Amarillo school administrators are already making changes to ensure they pass their grade.

Administrators will be providing more content online rather than having students learn from textbooks. Instructional Material Coordinator Lorraine Mettham says they've already made the decision to purchase several online resources in the area of social studies.

She says they include, "Maps, one that has updated. Maps because you can imagine with social studies material that's almost 10 years old, or maybe more than that. And one that's just a general update in the area. It's almost like a textbook but it's all totally online. Much easier."

So starting next school year, students will be having online sources for their social studies classes. Mettham says they are able to start switching to electronic delivery of content because the schools are now given the funding. Before, the state provided the textbooks.

Teachers also plan to use this online system for as many other subject areas as possible in the near future. They are currently using 1,000 iPads for instruction and plan to gradually replace textbooks with this new tool.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.