More baby boomers are struggling with addictions

More baby boomers are struggling with addictions

Amarillo, TX - More baby boomers are struggling with addiction, causing a drastic increase in people over fifty seeking treatment.

More than half of the patients seen at the Haven House, battling addictions are over the age of 40, and about a quarter of them are over 50.

The addictions in the baby boomers range from alcohol abuse to pain medications and marijuana.

Ann Sanders, a licensed chemical dependency counselor, says addictions in boomers may be increasing because of life changes,such as divorce, their children, being grown, they are facing more deaths in family and friends and they are battling more illnesses.

So the reason for their use is different than that for a younger person.

"In the beginning you use it to get high, to socialize, I think as you get older you do it to more it for survival, to deal with the pain, to deal with issues that you are having. I think the reasoning for using is a little different," said Sanders.

Sanders says if you are suffering from an addiction problem, you should undergo an evaluation to see what sort of treatment you need.