Bad drivers putting TxDOT workers in danger

Bad drivers putting TxDOT workers in danger

AMARILLO, TX - Drivers barreling through work zones result in hundreds of injuries every year across the state of Texas and here in the Panhandle.

It has become a rapidly growing problem TxDOT is hoping to curb by continuing its yearly work zone awareness campaign.

Speeding and driver inattention are the most common causes of work zone collisions.

"A work zone is always a dangerous place," TxDOT Public Information Officer Paul Braun said. "These guys are putting their lives on the line every single day working with vehicles going by at 60 to 70 mph."

In 2010, 12,948 car accidents took place in Texas construction zones.

"Rear end collisions are pretty much what I see," TxDOT employee Phillip Keener said.

A handful of TxDOT employees share similar experiences.

"Drivers have knocked off mirrors off their own vehicles on some of our equipment," Tim Sorrells said.

It's a national problem with local ties.

Every 10 hours in the U.S., a work zone fatality strikes.

The state of Texas contributed to 100 of them just two years ago.

"We are asking people to just slow down so that they look out for our workers and look out for themselves," Braun said.

$65 million in construction projects are expected to be brought on this summer.

Construction projects continue on Loop 335 at Western and on the I-27 frontage road from Bell St. to Western St.

A new TxDOT project including bridge repairs just north of the city will take place in the very near future.

Crews are currently pouring new asphalt on FM 1061 in Oldham County for about 8 miles.

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