Tex Randall one step closer to renovations

Tex Randall one step closer to renovations

NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - He's a historic roadside icon in the Panhandle and the gateway to the City of Canyon, who has long towered over Highway 60.

Executive Director of Canyon Main Street Evelyn Ecker says, "I grew up in Hereford and we always knew we were almost to Amarillo when we could see Tex Randall. Everybody has a story about Tex Randall."

It's a story that has taken a turn for the worst in recent years, as the statue deteriorates.

Canyon Main Street is working to re-write Tex Randall's story with a different ending, one that gives him a brand new look.

But restoring the giant cowboy to his original 1959 glory is no easy task.

Which is why Canyon's Board of City Development is adding to the effort with a grant of $20,000.

It's a tall order to repair one of the tallest cowboys in Texas. In fact, it costs $250,000 to be exact. While the project is well on its' way toward reaching that goal, this new $20,000 donation is making a big difference.

Tex's fundraising campaign now has $78,000.

The new funds allocated through Canyon's hotel occupancy tax, will be used to construct the visitor information kiosk that will sit below the statue.

Ecker explains, "Large grants like this, always give a great boost to any project you are working on. I think because the Board of City Development is what it is, I think it also added credibility to the project."

It's a project city officials hope will also boost tourism in the area.

Assistant City Manager Chris Sharp says, "When Tex Randall gets fixed up and looks nice, we hope people will stop and see what's going on with him. Then they can read this informational kiosk. We'll have on there where they can go to shop, where they can eat, and where they can play golf."

No work will begin on Tex Randall until all money needed, is collected. However, organizers hope to have the job done by the end of 2013.