Randall County decides to keep constable position active

Randall County decides to keep constable position active

Canyon, TX - To ensure safety and keep up with changing times an important decision was made by the Randall County Commission Tuesday.

The commission had to decide whether to make a constable position dormant, by request of the current constable or keep it active.

They decided to keep it active.

The precinct four constable position has been filled, but kept inactive for the last twelve years.

Because of changes in the county's population and changes in security problems in the country, Judge Ernie Houdashell says they decided to make sure they keep the position and allow someone to run for office.

"Because of the growth of the county, the commissioner court felt like this position was going to be needed and although a lot has happened in ten years. Ten years ago the public felt like we didn't need it, there was a lot of problems, but times have changed in Randall County. We are growing rapidly. We grew 18 percent in the last ten years," said Judge Houdashell.

There are five candidates running for the precinct four position right now.

Judge Houdashell is encouraging Randall County residents to head to the voting polls next month to choose the candidate they feel is best for this position.