Mobile vet center making its way across Texas Panhandle

Mobile vet center making its way across Texas Panhandle

BORGER, Texas- Finding treatment for PTSD can be difficult for veterans living outside the Amarillo area.

"Roughly 20 to 30 percent who have been on combat deployments are showing some signs of anxiety, PTSD specifically," clinical psychologist Dr. Paul Whittacker said.

The Amarillo VA is flooded with war vets on any given day, but not all of them have the ability or mobility to seek treatment at this center.

"Many of the folks are retired or impaired in some way to where they can't travel," William Donaldson with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs said.

A few years back, the VA launched a fleet of 50 RV's to travel the nation, each with a counselor on board.

"We are primarily an outreach for war zone veterans, but we also cater to humanitarian veterans which is any veteran who served during any period of service," Donaldson said.

Approximately 25 more mobile units are on their way.

One of them made a stop in Borger April 23.

The mobile VA will be in the following cities this week:

Tuesday, April 24: Canadian

Wednesday, April 25: Spearman

"We try and stay on the road three to four times a week," Donaldson said.

Already the VA is getting positive feedback from the community.

For more information about the VA and the services they provide, call 354.9779.

You can also visit them on the web at