Voter registration deadline nearing

Voter registration deadline nearing

Amarillo, TX - If you want to vote in upcoming elections, the deadline to register is almost here.

The League of Women Voters wants to get people registered to vote in the May 29th primary election.

The election will include candidates for President, for Congress, the Texas Legislature, the State Board of Education and local officials such as County Commissioners.

The group is making a local push to remind everyone why it's important to have your voice heard.

"Well, I think our whole country is based on one-person-one-vote, so as many people as we can get involved in the process, the more democracy we have," says Alan Abraham, board member, League of Women Voters.

Citizens 18 or older who are not registered or have moved from the address of their registration card need to become registered by April 30th to be eligible to vote.

"If you want to speed up the process you can take them to the Potter County Registrar's Office, if they're in Potter County. The residents of Randall County can take it to the registrars office, which is in Canyon," says Alan Abraham, board member, League of Women Voters.

It's best to drop them off locally because sending them by mail can be a longer process.

You can also pick up a registration card at any Amarillo library.

Early voting begins May 14th and will run through May 25th.