Community shows up to help Austin Chontos

Community shows up to help Austin Chontos

Amarillo, TX - The community is showing their support today for the Amarillo boy who was seriously injured during a baseball game.

A cookout was held at Randall High's baseball field this afternoon for Austin Chontos, who was struck on the head by a baseball last Saturday.

The high impact severed the jugular vein inside his brain, causing immediate bleeding.

We're told that Austin is now making remarkable progress but is still struggling to recover emotionally.

"Two of his best friends came in, he woke up, he was real emotional.  He grabbed them with the left arm. They started crying, he started crying because he wasn't able to talk to them.  It's all that type of activity.  It wears him out real bad, then he'll sleep again," Austin's father, Michael Chontos, said.

Dozens of people came out to the event today and donated money and items to help offset medical costs.