Woodward tornado prompts Amarillo Red Cross to step in

Woodward tornado prompts Amarillo Red Cross to step in

WOODWARD, OK- A devastating tornado that hit Woodward early Sunday morning gets much needed help from the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles this week.

Members from the Amarillo Red Cross and Guymon Red Cross traveled to Woodward April 16 to provide food, shelter and water to residents who lost their homes.

FEMA is on scene as well, but no federal disaster has been declared thus far.

Residents say they never heard the tornado coming because they say the emergency sirens malfunctioned.

Emergency management officials say the tower that transmits the siren signal was struck by lightening and was damaged.

As we hit an active few months for severe weather, emergency personnel can't stress the importance of investing in a battery operated NOAA crank weather radio or battery operated digital television.

Both items can be found inside United Supermarkets and neighborhood electronic stores.