Dog treat warning

Dog treat warning

Amarillo, TX - Man's best friend could be getting sick from dog treats sold in our area and a little extra love and attention could actually be getting them sick.

"Most of the ones that we've seen have had some kind upset stomach, some kind of GI problem," Animal Medical Center veterinarian Wick Culp said.

Three popular dog treat brands are getting a lot of attention. Under the spotlight are chicken jerky Waggin Train, Milo's Kitchen and Canyon Creek dog ranch treats.

"I have looked at those brands before when I've been at Walmart and PetSmart and I didn't actually buy those ones," Pet owner, Dawn Brown, said. "I bought a different kind, but I was thankful after I found out about it that wasn't one of the treats that I bought."

They are being linked to multiple FDA recalls and are being blamed for making hundreds of dogs sick, even a few in our area.

"We've had one that was pretty serious, it did elevate the kidney enzymes," Culp said. "The others have been just some GI problems, probably anywhere from five to seven cases, but most of them, once the treats are withdrawn, they do just fine.

On the outside, the brands under speculation may seem credible.

"The things that upsets people is that these are some major manufacturers of the food product and their stock seems to be contaminated, " Dr. Jock Lee with Lee Veterinary Hospital, Inc. said.

Area vets say others have a track record.

"Most of them that we have seen, as far as those kind of problems, have been made in China," Culp said.

Local vets say it is best to buy American made brands instead. As for the dogs most vulnerable to becoming sick, it all depends.

"Some dogs can eat rocks or baseballs or whatever and never have a problem, " Culp explained. "Where others have a real sensitive stomach and, of course, vomiting and diarrhea can be a major problem real quick for them."

Area vets say the best thing pet owners can do is keep an eye on their pooch and what they are feeding it.

"Yeah, I have a lot of friends that are dog owners, one in particular that has 13 dogs that feeds her dogs lots of treats," Brown said. "So make sure that they know to stay away from those types of things."