Thousands of pounds of recycled plastic wasted in our area

Thousands of pounds of recycled plastic wasted in our area

Amarillo, TX - Thousands of pounds of recycled plastic in our area is being thrown away every week.

Allied Waste Recyclery of Amarillo has been around for years and recently they started having a big problem.

Oil is inside some of the plastic being recycled.

As a result, today over 2,000 pounds of plastic were contaminated and then thrown out.

That doesn't even include the thousands of pounds they lose on a weekly basis, because this is now happening around six times a month.

"This can risk us being able to continue to recycle the plastic because the money that we spent this morning on fuel and labor and running the truck for four hours to run this particular part of the route is now wasted. We are not going to be able to collect any of the funds we spent on collecting this material because we are throwing it away," says Kim Vicent, Allied Waste Recyclery of Amarillo.

One reason the company says they believe they're seeing this happen is because more people are starting to change their oil at home.

In the process they could be emptying the old oil in a plastic water jug and then recycling it.

The company's biggest recommendation is to always clean your plastics before turning them in.