Pantex workers begin contract negotiations

Pantex workers begin contract negotiations

Amarillo, TX - More than 400 Pantex workers are negotiating their contracts as the expiration date for their most recent one nears.

Four hundred and seventy one security guards at Pantex are looking to negotiate new contracts as their five year old one expires in less than two months.

We were able to speak with the Pantex security guard union president, Frank White and he says this is just the beginning of their negotiations, which may take up to June 10th to decide.

He says they're asking for what they normally ask for in a contract, which is ensuring their jobs are protected.

"It is very important. The contract basically governs all of our working conditions, our pay, our benefits, basically every aspect of our job is pretty much covered in that contract," said Frank White.

White goes on to says they want to work out a deal that reflects the sort of job they do, which is protecting one of the nation's largest dismantling facilities.

If a decision isn't made by June 10th, White says it is possible to extend their current contract until one is decided on.