Community volunteers help clean up Thompson Park

Community volunteers help clean up Thompson Park

Amarillo, TX - A popular lake in our area received some help from the community Saturday morning.  The Amarillo Zoo organized a clean-up of the shoreline around Thompson Park lakes and creeks.

That area attracts hundreds of people annually, especially during the warmer months, but because of that, a lot of litter develops.

Around 80 people pitched in today in hopes to stop the problem before it gets worse.

"There's things that can get into the environment that can harm aquatic animals, mammals, birds; so, if you can kind of keep that stuff from getting in the environment, it's great," Amarillo Zoo's Visitor Services Coordinator Mike Boley said.  "But it's also great to give both young and old folks a chance to really do something themselves, to help the environment."

If you couldn't help this morning you can still do your part.  Area residents are being encouraged to form groups and take part in these type of events to show support for the environment.