Big clean-up job for Fritch

Big clean-up job for Fritch

NewsChannel 10

Fritch, Texas - What a difference a day can make. Wednesday the City of Fritch was being pummeled by golf ball-sized hail, heavy rains, and strong winds, while today it was all sunny skies.

But the storm didn't strike without leaving it's mark, and leaving the town's residents with a big clean-up job on their hands.

It seems like everywhere you look, there's a reminder of yesterday's storm.

Chester Ramsey says, "There is just debris that has floated up everywhere. My front porch boards floated away and my garage has about 6 inches of mud all through it."

A storm that brought a few inches of hail and as much as two feet of water to the City of Fritch in just a matter of minutes.

Ramsey adds, "It was coming up to our door, so we had to come save a couple of our animals. We had to put up our little goat in the backyard because she almost drowned and my horses had water about three-quarters up their legs. It was pretty wild."

In fact, many long-time residents say it's like nothing they've ever seen before.

Fritch Fire Chief Ed Adamson says, "I've lived here for 37 years and I've never seen the volume of water and the volume of water and the volume of hail that we got here all at one time."

It did a number on Fritch. Many homes suffered water and mud damage, roads were torn up, yards left completely underwater, and many vehicles and windshields are now dented and cracked, including the city's fire trucks and ambulances.

Adamson explains, "We had significant damage to 3 vehicles. We had hail damage to our command unit, our grass unit, and our rescue unit. We lost one windshield and it appears EMS lost one windshield."

They are losses that will put a strain on this volunteer-only department.

Adamson says, "Some of the equipment that was damaged was bought by the volunteers themselves by raising money and by donations."

While people in Fritch say the repairs will keep them busy for awhile, they're happy to have the rain.