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Lake Meredith's water levels rising

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Fritch, TX - Lake Meredith is getting somewhat of a boost thanks to recent rainfall.

From last night to this morning, levels were up around four inches and by mid-afternoon, they were up a foot and a half.

Before the drought, Lake Meredith was one of the High Plains' major water suppliers supplying water to over half a million people in West Texas. Currently, its water levels sit at just over thirty feet. The slight increase in levels can be contributed to rainfall over the past couple of nights that centered itself around Lake Meredith.

"Last night, we actually had several thunderstorms, in a row, that formed and went over the lake and over Fritch," NewsChannel 10 Meteorologist Allan Gwyn said. "And since the ground was already wet, most of that rainwater ran off and has gone into the lake which is helping to raise the lake levels."

The Canadian River's water levels are also up. At the height of Wednesday night's storm, the river went from a trickle to a raging depth of nearly five feet.