FDA's new birth control warning

FDA's new birth control warning

Amarillo, TX - The FDA is taking more action to warn the public about blood clot risks linked to birth control.

It has been a concern for many years but some new research suggests some forms of birth control increase a woman's risk of getting a blood clot by threefold.

The FDA is focusing its attention on pills that contain the hormone drospiserone which has been linked to higher blood clot risks but has also been recognized for helping with other health problems.

"It does things that maybe other progesterones in the pill don't do as well," Dr. Brian Eades of the Women's Health Association said. "Control acne, control PMS symptoms and so there are particular people, if they're on the pill, and they have these kind of problems, need some more help, then maybe drospirenone is a good option for you and maybe you should consider one of those pills."

Some of the brands that will have new labels include: Yasmin and Yaz brands, Safyral, Gianvi and several other brands. Though there will be new warning labels, doctors say the risk of actually getting a blood clot continues to be very low.@