Residents in Fritch upset after police chief fired

FRITCH, Texas- Residents in Fritch continue to protest and voice their concerns after the city fired Chief Kirk A. Coker Monday.

Dozens of residents have called NewsChannel 10 wanting to know what's happening between the City of Fritch and its police department.

Last week, NewsChannel 10 aired a story on Coker's "demotion," after being stripped of his administrative duties.

City officials are remaining silent and have not released any statements to the media.

Residents continue to post signs, circulate petitions and decorate cars showing their support for Coker who has been Chief of the Fritch Police Department since Aug. 2011.

The Borger News Herald confirmed April 9 that Coker had been relieved of duty.

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We'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you any new updates as they become available.