Amended animal control ordinance approved

Amended animal control ordinance approved

BORGER, Texas- To help crack down on animal cruelty cases and runaway pets, the city of Borger has passed an amended animal control ordinance.

"Animal neglect is a big issue here in the city," Borger City Manager Eddie Edwards said.

Edwards tells NewsChannel 10 that for years, animal control officers had little authority to respond to claims of cruelty.

"Our old ordinance did not address animal safety issues," he said. "A lot of times our animal control officers will find an animal suffering and they were pretty powerless to act on the animals behalf."

In October, the city held a public hearing prior to the proposal being brought up on the agenda for voting.

7-months later, the ordinance passed, patching up several loopholes.

"If we seen an animal cruelty situation going on, we can now enter that property and be able to look at the animal and assess it," Betsy Parks with Borger Animal Control said. "From there we can push the animal cruelty investigation further if we need to."

The new ordinance also brings about new fees.

With an increase in animals getting out of yards and roaming city streets, owners will now have to pay a $30 impoundment fine for the first offense, with increased penalties for the second and third time.

"We are just kind of updating those prices to where we can have a better budget on feeding the animals that we have here," Parks said.

Other fees and charges are as follows:

Permit fees- $25

Dangerous Animal Registration- $25

Adoption Fee- $25

Quarantine Fee- $25

Daily Boarding- $10