Marijuana still a concerning trend for Amarillo teens

Marijuana still a concerning trend for Amarillo teens

Amarillo, TX- Marijuana use continues to alarm Amarillo school officials as teens continue to use it.

Thirty percent of Amarillo middle school and high school students surveyed have tried marijuana and nearly twenty percent have used it within the past month, according to a new report from the Research and Educational Services.

Although that is just a slight increase from last year, school officials say it's a concern as area teens believe it is ok to use the drug.

"The biggest concern for several years has been the use of marijuana because it seems no matter how we educate, or what we talk about there is just a perception of safety regarding marijuana and that has been one of the biggest obstacles we have had to overcome,' said Melynn Huntley with the Safe Schools, Healthy Students program.

A contributing factor to the amount of teens using marijuana may be a decrease in disapproval among their peers.

Along with marijuana, there is a concern of the growing popularity of synthetic drugs.

A quarter of Amarillo high school students surveyed by the research and educational services says they have used a synthetic drug in the past year.

And five percent of Amarillo middle school students surveyed did the same.

According to the survey results, students in the tenth and eleventh grade report using the most synthetic drugs, which comes as a shock to Amarillo school officials.

"We have been told by some of the smoke shops that they were running a robust business with school aged kids, what is ironic about that is they all have signs that they wont sell to anyone under the age of 18, yet our highest group of users were juniors, most of which are not 18 years old," added Huntley.