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"Wings of Freedom Tour" comes to Amarillo

Amarillo, TX- Traveling pieces of history are making a pit stop in the Texas panhandle. It is a tour that will take you back in time and give you a better idea of what World War II was like.

Bad weather did not stop World War II airplanes from making a landing in Amarillo. Dozens gathered to see the planes. Kids and history lovers will get the chance to check out planes like the B17 Bomber and the B24 Liberator. Visitors can tour the planes and, for a price, even catch a ride. The Texas Air and Space Museum helped host the event, hoping to remind others about what our history is all about.

"It's to educate people, America, about our aviation heritage," USAF Retired Major General Bob Dempsey said. "It's deep. We're the best aviation nation in the world, hands down. Amarillo has a lot of aviation history and we don't want people to forget about it and the number of people that have come out says that people don't want to forget about it."

The museum hopes it can also help get the word out and get more money to move to a new building and add to its displays. The tour will run through Wednesday at Tac Air with the Rick Husband International Airport.

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