Remembering what Easter is all about

Remembering what Easter is all about

Groom, TX - An Easter service that has become a tradition for many residents in our area also shares the true meaning behind the Easter holiday.

Groom's Easter service has been around for years, but people we spoke with say they continue to go back because they always learn something new.

"It's, uh, you want to cry because of the way he was treated and the love he has for all of us," Carl Reeves, of Abilene, said. "It makes you just want to shout it out."

People from all over pour into Groom, Texas for this special Easter experience.

"It's a time of rebirth it's a time of starting over," Easter sunrise attendee, Bear Thomas, said. "Being reminded that all your sins, all the things you've done in the past are history and, you know, Jesus took care of all of that and now it's time to go forward and go again."

It is a sunrise service many see as a true reminder of what Easter is all about.

"What he took on himself to bear the burdens of the past, present and future." Reeves said. "It's very heart tugging."

Visitors say it was a truly, spiritual experience.

"When you're standing out and there's stations of the cross that are here and you watch the sunrise and listen to the birds...  I had a wonderful service this mornin," Thomas said.

It serves as a reminder of his ultimate sacrifice.

"It just has a feeling of bringing such a reality for people when they're here," Cross Ministries manager, Barbara Homer, said.

Visitors say it is a service others insist believers have to experience for themselves, providing a chance to mourn his death and give thanks for a second chance.

"This brings you closer to Jesus," Reeves said. "Even though you're closer already, it brings you closer already... It's hard to describe because it's all inside."