Computer viruses attacking Apple users

Computer viruses attacking Apple users

AMARILLO- Hackers have found a way to break through Apple's security features on its computers.

Now, hundreds of thousands of mac users across the nation and here in the Panhandle are being affected.

For decades, Apple has marketed their computers as virus free thanks to state of the art firewall and security software.

However, it now appears that barrier has been broken.

Apple certainly has their work cut out for them.

News has been circulating that more than a half million Macintosh computers may have been infected with a virus only targeting Apple machines.

"As Apple starts to gain market share like they are, the people that write these viruses are going to start targeting Macs a lot more often and we'll see things like this a lot more often going forward," computer technician Jeremy Hollis with cat-man-du said.

The virus is disguised as a software program update.

Hollis says you'll know something is wrong when you notice a lack of performance and speed.

"People will see their computers slow down and you'll have a lot of page redirection problems," he said. "If you go to Google, the computer may take you to another site or link."

The virus appears to be targeting mac users running version 10.6 and 10.7.

"We've seen mac viruses for a few years but we're seeing them more and more," Hollis said. "We've seen this one a couple of times already."

We're told like any virus or malware, your personal computer files including passwords and user logins are vulnerable.

You're always encouraged to install and actively use virus protection software to help reduce the risk of contracting a virus.

However, we're told protection software only works effectively if installed prior to receiving a virus.

Purchasing software after your computer is under attack may not remove the problem and may require a factory reset of your machine to wipe out the virus.