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Improving elderly care in Texas

Amarillo, TX - Giving seniors more options for elderly care, that is what the state of Texas is working to do right now.

With the anticipation of more baby boomers being moved into nursing homes, the state of Texas hopes it can provide more choices. The number of Texans 65 or older is expected to double over the next 20 years and the state wants to find more cost efficient ways to care for them. Many nursing homes are already exploring their alternatives. Childer's Place is a local nursing home that allows for more freedom and space at nursing facilities. Still, there are some setbacks.

"Making environments more suitable for person-centered care... One of the challenges available in doing that is we need dollars, capitol dollars, to renovate facilities, to hire more qualified employees, and to provide care to the seniors in a way that they deserve. " said Tyler Kendall, Director of Health Services for Childer's Place and Bivin's Memorial of Amarillo.

The state is also looking into ways it can provide seniors with more emergency response and food care services at home.

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