River Road employee under investigation

River Road employee under investigation

River Road ISD is currently investigating allegations of an inappropriate relationship between one of its employees and a student.

We've learned that on the evening of April 2nd, the school district was advised there was some type of inappropriate relationship taking place.

A River Road employee has been placed on paid administrative leave today.

The assistant superintendent tells us they have begun a preliminary investigation into the allegations but are unsure of how long it will take.

So far, the Potter County Sheriff's Office says they have not received any official reports.

If they do, they will begin investigating immediately.

"If a crime is committed, the longer lapse of time between when it's committed and until the time it's investigated, makes a big difference sometimes. A great deal of difference sometimes, especially when your talking about potential evidence that could be obtained and/or destroyed during that period of time that we weren't involved," says Roger Short, Chief Deputy, Potter County Sheriff's Office.

We spoke with Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims who gave us a statement: "Quite frankly, I'm stunned they haven't bothered to get law enforcement involved," says Randall Sims, District Attorney, Potter County.

The Potter County Sheriff's Office tells us that recently there have been three or four situations in Amarillo and surrounding cities of teacher student relations that have been investigated.

They say not every allegation reported is true, they have had false reports in the past.

All they want to do is find out the truth if they receive a report.

Any witnesses or victims are asked to call the Potter County Sheriff's Office at 806-379-2900.

River Road ISD assures us they have taken all interim steps to ensure safety of its students as this matter is pending.

The district will not be commenting on the issue citing student and personnel privacy.