Text messaging scam sweeps across area

Text messaging scam sweeps across area

Amarillo, TX - A text messaging scam has phones ringing off the hook at local banks.

Leaving many area consumers vulnerable of falling victim.

Here's what you need to know to keep your banking information and identity safe.

Thanks for calling the Credit Union Center, 24/7 activation services. Please enter your sixteen digit card number.

That's what the scam tries to make you do, enter your card number and pin.

Many people in our area have been targeted.

"Well I had just gotten home and I got a text message. It was this weird 314 area code number that I had never seen before. The text message says the Credit Union Center alert, your card has been deactivated. Please contact us at 806-376-8392," says area resident who received scam text message.

Keep in mind that the text message you receive may not be identified with any specific bank.

Happy State Bank has been dealing with concerned customers all day, they want everyone to be on high alert.

"No bank, Happy State Bank will not, nor will any financial institution, bank, credit union, savings loan ever ask you for that card number or your pin. It's definitely a phishing scam looking to defraud you of your money," says David Norris, Happy State Bank.

Those who fell victim, can be helped.

"If you did call that number and you did enter that sixteen digit number and your pin number, call us immediately so we can get that card deactivated. We have no way of knowing who did or who did not. Lot's of people called us this morning to say they had called the number and did not enter the number and they're fine. But if you did enter the card number or you did enter that pin, please call us immediately," says David Norris, Happy State Bank.

Those who have been targeted are encouraging others to be on the look out.

"It makes me worry because any elderly person or any person that is in a hurry or not paying attention, thinking it's Saturday afternoon I need my card for the weekend and I need to hurry up and get that reactivated. It's dangerous," says area resident who received scam text message.