Mega millions hysteria

Mega millions hysteria

Amarillo, TX -  Local gas stations have kept busy this entire week with people eager to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket.  With such a high jackpot, many people are trying their luck and asking, "Why not?"

"You actually caught us on a slow moment right now," Taylor Food Mart employee, Crystal Guajardo, said. "We've had non-stop lines, all week long, since Monday."

What would you do if you won the Mega Millions jackpot? That is the question people, nationwide, are asking themselves.

"A lot said they were running off somewhere, anywhere, on vacation, buying a house, buying a car," Guajardo said. "You know, everybody dreams unlimited if you can look at that kind of money that way."

The number of people buying a ticket jumps everyday.

"Well, I came to a couple of different stores so I bought $30.00 worth in one store and $20.00 worth here," Mega Millions lottery participant, Kristy Gomez, said.

"I was telling my sister companies are pulling to get a lot of numbers so let's do it," Mega Millions lottery participant, Olga Najera, said. "Yeah, that's a good idea so let's do it."

The jackpot jumped to 640 million dollars, Friday. More and more customers continue to buy tickets.

"I'm gonna say we jumped to 500 to 600 a day because of the lottery," Guajardo said.

Since early Friday morning, Guajardo has kept busy. She has seen more than double their normal customers by noon and expects things to get even busier as the day continues.

"There's a lot of people that come and buy lottery at the last minute so we will," Guajardo said. "We will be busy tonight."

Some are starting to call the lottery the Mega "mega" Millions. If a winner is not announced tonight, it will try for a different winner on Tuesday.