Wellington funeral home fire arrest

Wellington funeral home fire arrest

Wellington TX - A twenty two year old Wellington man is arrested after police say he started a fire inside a funeral home several months ago.

Collins, Johnson and Thornberry Funeral home was vandalized in December, when someone broke into the building, started a table on fire using embalming fluids and slashed all of the hearse's tires.

More than three months later police have now made an arrest.

22-year-old Sawyer Adams is in police custody for burglary with intent to commit arson.

We are told Adams is the son of the owner of a different funeral home in Wellington, where Jason Collins, one of the owners of Collins, Johnson and Thornberry funeral home worked for several years.

"I am heartbroken. The person they have got in custody, he is a great kid, he really is. He's got a great heart but I know that he has to be punished," said Collins.

The funeral home was out of business for two months after the fire because of a large amount of smoke damage and chemical smells from the embalming fluids.

We went to Adam's Funeral Home to see if we could get a comment on the arrest but the door was not answered.